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Landmarks of the International Association of Christian Chaplains

► The International Association of Christian Chaplains promotes a participative, creative and horizontal type of democracy and government.

► The IACC embraces and promotes the leadership concept of 'primus inter pares' (first among equals). The IACC is aware of the imminent need of recovering our theological roots and heritage in order to fulfill the mission received from Jesus Christ.

► The IACC considers the new discoveries and advances in the field of medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology and ethics as being of high value. However, in keeping our Christian theological birthright we are committed to be Christian pastoral loyal to the proclamation of the Word.

► The IACC understands that pastoral care is born in the Word implying a dynamic dialogue and relationship between Creator and creatures. Thus, pastoral care provided in the light of the Word allows people to experience shalom and wholeness.

► The IACC recognizes that people seek chaplain's help primarily because of the pastoral role which speaks of their "unique" connection with the Living Water and Bread of Life that may help them find meaning and comfort amid struggles.

► The IACC considers that one of the goal of pastoral care, perhaps the most relevant, is helping human beings understand and accept more fully their humanity in relationship with others and God as well as helping them to fulfill their calling as people of God.

►The IACC sees pastoral care as a ministry of compassion anchored in the grace and love of God. Pastoral care takes place in many different ways including visiting the sick, attending to the dying, comforting the bereaved, shepherding those who are struggling of facing difficulties of any kind, proclaiming visibly and verbally the Word, and fulfilling the priestly calling.


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