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Chaplaincy Positions Available

Chaplaincy Positions Available with the U.S. Government

Chaplain Trainee. Department of Justice Bureau of Prison Federal Prison System. USAJOBS Control No. IB5018 FO. Salary Range: $38,675 - 58,867.
Announcement Number: 02-NST-002. For additional information, contact: Chaplaincy Program Manager 202 514-9740. Or write: Federal Bureau of Prisons Chaplaincy Services 320 First Street NW, Rm. 514 Washington, DC 20534.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Chaplaincy Employments Opportunities

Chaplaincy Position with the United States Navy

Navy chaplains serve members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard and their families. They work and worship with members of their congregations, conducting religious services, providing counseling to service members and their families, and serving as advocates for the best interests of their congregants. The Navy Chaplain Corps is a unique ministry where chaplains enjoy unparalleled opportunities to serve God and country while ministering to people in diverse and dynamic settings.

Qualification Requirements: Master of Divinity degree conferred by an accredited college or university, and ecclesiastical endorsement by religious faith with national recognition. Must be able to serve in pluralistic environment of faith. Openings exist for Orthodox and Liturgical and Non-Liturgical Protestant, Moslem, Roman Catholic and Jewish leaders.

Compensation/Benefits: Continuous professional development including opportunities for post-graduate study, professional development courses, choice of higher education assistance programs and participation in retreats and conferences. Medical care and dental care for self and family, life insurance, 30 days vacation with pay and employer-paid retirement plan.

Please contact: Career Development Specialist
Phone: 888-633-9674
or hh@cnrc.navy.mil

Ministry Search

Ministry Search is an ad listing helping you fill or find Christian ministry job positions.

MinistrySearch provides descriptions of available church job openings, including openings for senior pastors, worship leaders, youth pastors, and other church leadership positions. Christian school jobs, Christian camping opportunities, chaplain positions, mission vacancies, and other religious employment opportunities are also listed.

Chaplaincy Positions Available posted at:

The National Association of Catholic Chaplains, NACC

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., ACPE

Association of Professional Chaplains Web site

CAPPE / ACPEP - Canadian Association fot Pastoral Practice and Education

The Occupational Information Network

O*NETTM database takes the place of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) as the nation's primary source of occupational information. The O*NET database and related products will help millions of employers, workers, educators, and students make informed decisions about education, training, career choices, and work. The O*NET Project is administered and sponsored by the US Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration. Click here for more information

Average Salary for Chaplains  in your Geographical Area

Salary.com is the leading provider of compensation information online for individuals, business managers and human resource professionals. Salary.com provides accurate, authoritative compensation data and content online, at no charge.

Click here to see a salary report for chaplains


Please know that the International Association of Christian Chaplains (IACC) does not offer job placement services. Please contact employers directly—do not send us your resumes. Thank you.


Advertise your chaplaincy position

► If you would like to advertise your chaplaincy position in the IACC web-page please submit the pertaining information containing job title, job description, requirements, mailing address, contact person, e-mail and URL address, telephone and fax number. The fee is $125 per add of up to 300 words. The position will be posted for sixty (60) days.

Please submit your classified add along with a check for $125 to:
IACC / Paul Kraus
5804 Babcock Rd. PMB 189
San Antonio, TX 78240-2134
Phone: 210-696-7313
Fax: 210-558-0701


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