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Professional Training for Chaplains

Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is professional education for ministry. It brings theological students, ordained clergy, members of religious orders and qualified laypersons into supervised encounters with "living human documents." This encourages each student to develop: their pastoral identity, interpersonal competence and spirituality; the skills of pastoral assessment, interprofessional collaboration, group leadership, pastoral care and counseling; and pastoral theological reflection.

Clinical Pastoral Education integrates into pastoral practice knowledge of theology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, ethics and medicine. It is designed to empower students to discover who they are in relationship to God, self, and others. This process is experienced holistically. Charles T. Hall sees the Clinical Pastoral Education as "a dynamic process of learning from living human documents, oneself and others, especially persons in various crises of life. CPE embraces conceptual learning of theology and psychology and experiential learning from religious experience. It assumes that conceptual theology is the systematic organization of the experiences of the people of God and that such revelation continues in the experiences of persons today. CPE assumes that human beings are thinking and feeling creatures and that pastoral care and counseling must minister to the whole person."

Click here for Clinical Pastoral Education Centers or Institutes.


Training for Volunteer Chaplains and Chaplain´s Aide

Texas Baptist Volunteer Chaplaincy.
Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) is offering a Hands on Ministry Training program for volunteer chaplains and Chaplains' Aide. Participants in Hands on Ministry training join a group of lay persons who will meet together for 42 class hours over a period of days and weeks. The requirements are: 30 hours of basic pastoral ministry training, 12 hours of contextual training in specific field of ministry. Upon completion of the 42 hours classroom experience, participants then move into a ministry role under the supervision of a qualified chaplain or minister. For more information contact them at: Church Ministries. Baptist General Convention of Texas. (BGCT)333 N. Washington. Dallas, TX 75246-1798. Telephone: 214-828-5385.


Professional Continuing Education

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.
Prevention and Mitigation of Disabling Stress.


Professional ministerial development and personal growth in an online learning environment.

Asbury Online Institute of Pastoral Ministry
Church Growth, Discipleship, Evangelism and Preaching Page.
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Regional Accredited ONLINE Bachelors,
Masters and Doctoral Programs

Please mention IACC as you contact them


Bachelor's Degrees: (Religion, Theological Studies, Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Psychology, Biblical Studies)

Atlantic Union College
Accredited by: New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Judson College (Alabama)
Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Moody Bible Institute
Accredited by: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
Southern Christian University
Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools


Master's and Doctoral Degrees: (M.A., M.Div., MTS, MRE, M.S., Th.M., Ed.D., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.)

Bethel Theological Seminary
Accredited by: North Central Association of Colleges.
Johnson Bible College
Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Liberty University
Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Oral Roberts University
Accredited by: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
Wheaton College
Accredited by: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Loyola University New Orleans
Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Regent University
Accredited by: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.


Scholarships and Financial Educational Aid

I is a student gateway to information and services from the United States government. students.gov is a cooperative effort of many federal agencies working together, under the leadership of the U.S. Department of Education. Through students.gov you can: Find the right college and apply for federal student financial aid.
List of U.S. Government Programs Benefiting Students.
(Grants, Loans, Scholarships, Fellowships, Traineeships)
The Education Petersons Super site.
Explore Colleges and Universities.
Pursue Graduate Programs. Distance Learning Programs. Financing your Education. English as a Second Language Programs.


Ecclesiastical Endorsement

What is Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Endorsement is a professional credential that affirms to an employer that a person in chaplaincy is, or will be, performing a valid ministry of the church, and has presented evidence of calling and training for that ministry. Ecclesiastical Endorsement means that the candidate is a member or minister of the church in good standing and has completed appropriate training for the specialized ministry. Endorsement creates a covenant of mutual commitment, accountability, and support between the chaplain and the denomination or faith group organization. It states a level of denominational connection and a standard of excellence to the using agency.

Ecclesiastical Endorsement is the certification which permits the chaplain to minister in the name of the parent denomination. Furthermore, the Ecclesiastical Endorsement is the authentication by the denomination that the prospective chaplain is not only in good standing with the ordaining body, but is a person highly qualified to serve as a chaplain. Click here to read more about Ecclesiastical Endorsement


► Para educación en español visite la Escuela de Postgrado de Teología y Consejería Pastoral. Ellos ofrecen una Maestría en Divinidad (M.Div.) con énfasis en Consejería Pastoral. Esta maestría es única en el sentido de que incorpora la educación ministerial tradicional, con el la Formación Clínica Pastoral (CPE) y la Formación Militar Profesional

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